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Environment Levy

Environment Levy Environment Levy Environment Levy Environment Levy

The Coast is a popular place to live and work. This popularity has led to greater pressure on the region’s natural habitats.

The Environmental Levy is an annual payment of $60 that council collects from each property. The levy allows council and the community to work together to protect the Coast’s natural environment.

Open and transparent management of the Environment Levy is important to council. All achievements are reported on an annual basis. Subscribe and read e-newsletters
Buying environmentally significant land is essential for the long-term protection of the region's biodiversity
The Environment Levy funds a suite of on-ground rehabilitation, regional planning, management and research projects
Council recognises the need to build community capacity and stronger effective partnerships with a range of stakeholders who contribute to the region's environment
The Environment Levy supports the delivery of council’s operational activities to manage the Coast environment

You can subscribe Link exits to another website to council's Environment Levy eNewsletter, or view the latest edition Link exits to another website .

Enviroment Levy

Last Updated 28-Sep-15